About Us

Get to know why our excellence is not just a lip service.

The Story of Synergy

The vision started about two decades ago when we realized our shared passion to answer the unmet but important needs of the packaging industry. Beyond the excellent products and machineries, we also focused on what this industry lacked—excellent service. Through the years, we never rested until we have the most competitive and reliable service in the market that always respond to the ever-changing industry landscape.

This is the mindset you can expect from each and everyone of us. And that’s what sets us apart.

Our People

No one can claim an excellent service without an excellent service provider team. We take pride being the home to the best and seasoned industry experts that allow us to be on top of the game, and most importantly, to be able to provide that unparalleled service you deserve.

Jelyn Mariano

Assistant Sales Manager

Jelyn Mariano

Jelyn has proven herself to be a key person in representing Synergy’s excellent service to clients as a service coordinator. She has been instrumental in expanding the packaging division and the consistent satisfaction of its customers.

“As a sales agent, we’re not technically after the sales. We are after the customer satisfaction.”

Marychelle Hicaro Salazar

Quality Assurance

Marychelle Hicaro Salazar

Ever since she started at Synergy, Marychelle has brought her impeccable keenness to details in the quality assurance department. Her leadership has inspired and insured the unfailing quality of our products and services.

“What really makes me proud are those moments when I learn that our reputation as a company precedes us. That’s a sign that we are on the right track.”

Rosalyn Orense

Branch Manager

Rosalyn Orense

Her leadership skills have been crucial in overseeing that our nationwide network of distribution runs like a well-oiled machine. Rosalyn, while mostly up in the air travelling across the country, always keeps us grounded in making sure that our synergy is replicated wherever we are.

“Our business is in customer service. That’s our training. Whatever you need, we provide it. The whole company work together to provide it.”

Why We Synergize

We thrive in empowering our partners to also become the best in their respective industries through their packaging needs. Be it through our first-rate products or swift and ever-reliable service, we always rise to the occasion in every opportunity to add value to your business.

We synergize to provide you an excellent and holistic service that would enrich the quality of your own service. Because we only succeed when you do.